Reply To: SoundJack Stage Enhancements


Suggested Stage Page Enhancements:
-User List Selection based on extended profile elements for Main Instrument, Preferred Music Style and current call status (Accept Any, Manually Accept and Deny All Calls) ; Minimized/Expandable selection categories the way that Amazon search categories work.
-Links to User Profile Elements would display various music related details critical to decision making about initiating connections. Executing a link may require that the resulting data window be persistent until it is manually closed. It may be more convenient for the data to be displayed the same way connection info is currently displayed for a user (passing the cursor over the (i) icon) by passing the cursor over the user_id.
-The Private Chat window would be linked to those currently connected (following same rules as connections and actually associated to connections). In otherwords, you would not be able to chat with someone you are not connected to.
– Private Rooms would have the same chat capabilities , but not have the User Search section.
-A Global chat would be available in an expandable/undockable window. This is retained for broadcast chats (as in troubleshooting individual issues or relaying system-wide info – anyone can chime in, as it is implemented today)
Basically, the new functional elements would be functions for the individual user’s use, and so executing a new search or requesting user info of a listed user would not require global refreshes of the Stage page, the way logging on and off of users, or changes in their connection state currently refreshes the list of users for everyone logged on. Each request for data would be a single request for backend database info (specific users info or collection of list of users for that requesting user). The request to the backend (database) would take a similar path as querying a users specific connection info of IP addresses (similar to the data that you get when you pass your cursor over the (i) icon).
There is plenty of real-estate left on the current page to accommodate the suggested changes.