Reply To: More PC/Windows issues


Check the ASIO4ALL settings. Something might be wrong there, specially if you find a yellow/golden symbol there. Then some other program might block that part.
The Leslie effect is a bit strange. Try every member individually to find the problem. If there is no problem individually, it might become a problem with network bandwidth if you use one machine as a server (“send received mix + local audio”), make sure that the network bandwidth is large enough. This is n times the bandwidth of one of the participants. Using mix servers sound not be a problem if there is one not too far away.
Also the processor load goes up a lot receiving a lot of incoming data streams. Check the processor activity on the machines with problems and (if you use one) on your local soundjack-server (“send received mix + local audio”).
And make sure that really an ASIO driver is selected as input and output, not a different kind of driver that may appear in the driver list and does not contain the word ASIO.
It might be a very good idea to define a new (restricted) user account only for soundjack. That way any programs loaded in the background in your normal user account and can slow down the machine will not run and no programs can block your audio device. At least worth a try. If it doesn’t help it is easy to remove the account.