Reply To: Soundjack cannot detect sound card


Alexander is the expert, but in my old DELL Latitude E6510 (Windows 10) the internal sound is not so bad (in latency) with ASIO4ALL 2.14.

An external interface is better and can be quicker (a Focusrite is good but currently needs an older driver to work with SoundJack), but I would not have a problem with my computer with the internal sound. Keep in mind that you need to install and configure ASIO4ALL for the internal sound before you can use it in SoundJack. Only use ASIO drivers with Windows. The others are slow and can disable sound (VU-meter is red).

BUT, every machine is different and some (many?) sound drivers might be a lot slower than mine. It depends on the style and tempo of the music, the SoundJack settings and the network time distance if it is acceptable or not.

For a local connection start with 256/256/1 and try to reduce to 128/256/1 or even 64/256/1. You can try 128/128/1 or 64/128/1 but it might not work well.