Soundjack is a realtime communication system providing any quality- and latency- relevant parameter to the user.

Depending on the physical distance, network capacities, the actual network conditions and the actual routing even musical interacton or at least compromised musical interaction is possible.

Soundjack is a member of the fast research project (fast actuators, sensors and transceivers)

If you want to participate in the Soundjack community please check the HOTWO tab on this website. If you have further questions feel free to contact the author Prof. Carôt (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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trenrod - 19:43

Hi, after restart asio seems not been recognized. got empty dropdown list for in and out. soundjack running without error

trenrod - 18:44


jazzalex - 18:43

Simply hit the play-button on the right of the player you want to connect with.

trenrod - 18:25

Hi, noob here. Got the howto everything green. Whats next how to connect with someone? thx

jazzalex - 13:36

Good but the click ?

arenaud - 13:36

So I managed to connect to NYC no problen

jazzalex - 13:34

Sorry - here at the University the ports are blocked. Therefore I cannot check. What kind of click do you get ?

jazzalex - 13:30

Does not connect because of a firewall issue here - hold on again.

jazzalex - 13:28

OK - now I can connect and talk. Hold on.

arenaud - 13:27

I keep hearing a click Alex

arenaud - 13:27

Yes did a loopback with GVA

jazzalex - 13:14

Hi Alain - online now but I cannot run audio yet - questions here please.

stringer - 02:23

yo mike

stringer - 02:02

hay... I'm babk

Musicmann - 01:17

can you hear me?

stringer - 00:50

need help Tim lol?

stringer - 00:49

yo mike...

soulalex - 17:33

Hi Alain - hope it is going well !

arenaud - 17:33

I am doing a couple of tests right now

arenaud - 17:33

Hi alex

soulalex - 12:41

Yes, I read it and thought it sounded strange. Couldn't verify it because it was only related to new registered users, where card parameters etc. were not set.

JamTuner - 01:06

( or part of it )

JamTuner - 01:06

ok - that explains renjility's problem

soulalex - 22:40

To all new users: We had a bug, which concerned the first login and did not show the configuration panel. Now it is fixed - please try again if you had trouble.

Renjility - 00:14


Renjility - 00:14

thanks for helping so far

Renjility - 00:14

hmm, Ill try again tomorrow morning

JamTuner - 00:14

good luck !

Renjility - 00:12

it says the ports are fine and connection is being made, weird stuff

JamTuner - 00:11

restart your router ?

JamTuner - 00:09

your status must be "green" - with plugin " working "

JamTuner - 00:08

cloes this page- then open the SJC plug-in - then retsrt this page

JamTuner - 00:05

restart your pc

JamTuner - 00:05

you need to log -out not re-log ! :)

Renjility - 00:04


Renjility - 00:04


JamTuner - 00:04

maybe just restat your machine - yeah ?

Renjility - 00:04

logged out everywhere

Renjility - 00:04


JamTuner - 00:04

you are still logged in here on my screen

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