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Official online music performances with Soundjack have been realized since 2006, however, only four of them have been recorded as listed below. The latest one happened in 2019 with jazz celebrity Jamie Cullum.



Chat (time zone: UTC)

rwoods37 - 23:18

Still cannot launch the .DMG file that i downloaded. How do i open the DMG file?

rwoods37 - 23:08

hi, i downloaded the .DMG file... how do i open or install it? double click does not work

JackWood - 18:22

sure. Are you a member of the Soundjack FB group? It is better to have longer conversations there, where you can post screen shots if necessary.

handbellguy - 17:12

@jackWood Do you have a moment to talk re a question?

JackWood - 16:40

eoverton, you are in the user list. with correct port assignment.. great. Now set your input and output to the soundcard/audio interface you are using, with the dropdowns

JackWood - 16:35

eoverton, go to

eoverton - 16:32


eoverton - 16:32

do I need to use the new version?

eoverton - 16:32

but now it crashed.

JackWood - 16:32

If you need more help, let's move this conversation to the Soundjack Facebook page, become a member and start a conversation.

eoverton - 16:31

it finally worked. just did it over and over again from the downloads folder. finally connected

JackWood - 16:30

The soundjack.exe file will be inside the SJC200714 folder

JackWood - 16:30

So...move your fold to the main C drive, to start. Then find the soundjack.exe file and create a shortcut to it and place the shortcut on your desktop and execute the shortcut

eoverton - 16:28

zip file. but then I extracted all the contents

JackWood - 16:28

is the SJC200714 a zip file or a folder?

eoverton - 16:28

all files are there. there is no setup file or install file

eoverton - 16:27


eoverton - 16:27

how do I install from an "application" file?

JackWood - 16:27

Do you mean you have extracted the SJC200714 to your downloads directory?

eoverton - 16:26

have it in my downloads... but the only file is an "application" file... not a setup or install exe file.

JackWood - 16:26

Follow my previous instructions... for best results.

JackWood - 16:25

understood. You have to do the extraction yourself to a designated destination.

eoverton - 16:25

"Download SJC" is not a hyperlink. The only one that works is the Windows manual installer, and that is a zip folder and there is no setup.exe file or install.exe file in that folder.

eoverton - 16:24

there is no exe file in the download

JackWood - 16:18

The shortcut should be to the soundjack.exe file

JackWood - 16:18

eoverton-- you should extract the folder to someplace on you harddrive. I put it in a Soundjack folder under Programs Files (x86) and then create a short cut to it that I place on the desktop Bestbet

eoverton - 16:05

Also having issues installing program into Windows 10. Not actually able to go through installation process. Clicking on the application from zip file does not instigate installation.

UncleWalt - 14:35

Hi, Is there a solution for this? The same issue as several others. ==STAGE entered without a running SJC / Sounjack Box or there is a connection issue between STAGE and SJC - nothing will work.=

kaylekhan - 04:14

i set up the port forwarding for UDP 50050 for my device - not sure what else there might be to do?

kaylekhan - 04:13

i have SJC running, still it gives me the error: STAGE entered without a running SJC / Sounjack Box or there is a connection issue between STAGE and SJC - nothing will work.

kaylekhan - 04:11

hey all! apologies if this is found somewhere else - i looked but didn't see anything

JackWood - 01:42

That means that the next step is to set your user interface connections for input and output ->] and -]

JackWood - 01:41


JackWood - 01:41

Vera Paz, after you successfully connect your client to the web browser you should see, in your client windows something like this:

JackWood - 01:30

Vera Paz, so this is good. It means you have started your Soundjack Client and it is waiting to talk to the Stage page.... So enter the Stage page on this site and report what happens

Vera Paz - 01:09

Can someone help?

Vera Paz - 01:07

Waiting fpr Browser_Connection...

Vera Paz - 01:06

I just unzipped (I thnk the SJ file), but I have a black window saying:

izmirlig - 22:39

Also my sound device doesn't show up in the list. I am running an ASIO driver

izmirlig - 22:39

I upgraded to the 7/31 version and am now getting "STAGE entered without a running SJC / Soundjack Box or there is a connection issue between STAGE and SJC – nothing will work.


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