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jazzalex - 08:14

We will fix the sometimes not disappearing tooltips soon.

ianhowell - 01:32

bbs try a non chrome browser

BBSConductor - 00:34

The gray boxes keep sticking and not going away.

CipeSongs - 23:24

Hello All. Guitar player here. Anyone want to play some blues or other genre?

rgehren - 20:52

seems to be a javascript bug around the Set jitter buffer size popup, doensn't close

arist0ttle - 20:49

he had just overlooked that and i was struggling to troubleshot for him not having access to his laptop. all good now!

arist0ttle - 20:48

@JamTuner thanks for your help ln! I'm more familiar with DAWs as well. The solution ended up being simple –soundjack was running 48000 khz and logic 44,100 on my friend's computer

therealdjryan - 19:23

I get Exec format error when running SJC200616 on RPI4, Is there a compatable binary or sourcecode so I can build it myself?

jazzalex - 19:01

Ian: Yes, I will install the server on the same machine where the mirror is located already.

fschroeder - 12:43

Hi Carlos

cguedes - 12:07

I know...

OConnorStP - 12:03

Sorry about the RTFM, but it's pretty important in this case. :-(

cguedes - 12:02

@Connor, yes, Thanks for the advice!

OConnorStP - 12:01

It's a really good idea for both of you to work your way through all of those videos as you get started.

OConnorStP - 12:00

Check out the "how to connect" video under the Tech Tutorial tab.

OConnorStP - 11:58

There's a pretty extensive description of setting up firewalls in the tutorial videos. Has she completed all that stuff?

cguedes - 11:56

What does this mean? Does it mean there is a firewall?

OConnorStP - 11:55

Yep -- what is it in that message that's confusing?

cguedes - 11:54

Do you guys know about the message SJ Server appears to be down (nothing will work) - either your browser does not support websockets (try others), your TCP port 1234 is blocked (check firewalls)

cguedes - 11:53

@OConnor thanks!

OConnorStP - 11:52

It probably means your peer needs to run the SJC software on her computer. If she is, she might try restarting it.

cguedes - 11:51

What does this mean?

cguedes - 11:50

@Alex, I am trying to connect with a peer in Belfast and she gets the message STAGE entered without a running SJC / Soundjack Box or there is a connection issue between STAGE and SJC – nothing ...

ianhowell - 11:47


ianhowell - 11:35

@Alex what do my eyes see.... Boston mix server! Early Christmas present or did someone beat me to it :-D

JamTuner - 09:55


jazzalex - 09:31

No worries - all fine ! Apart from that I will indeed have more social media features soon.

Carroll - 08:59

Seems my wording has been misconstrued. Sorry if taken offensive. Alex I think your site is great. Amazing all that you have done thanks.

JamTuner - 06:11

I was familiar with DAW's before I got involved with this internet application- with that knowledge- it was a simple step to online

JamTuner - 06:09

if you are new to DAW world- there are many helpful places to find info on home digital recording

JamTuner - 06:08

DAW settings need to be in concert with what is needed by the interface and SJ as well.

JamTuner - 06:06

when using a daw you must be aware that you will need some form of aggrgate device- as Reaper with Rearoute on windows- or Rogue amoeba loopback on mac os

JamTuner - 06:04

I would need an explantion of what it is you are trying to accomplish, and screenshots and any other "evidence"is require to make any sense of he situtation. .

handbellguy - 04:33

at this point

handbellguy - 04:33

I'm not an expert but it does sound like the two units on his side are dueling for the same audio processor. Perhaps someone else can help you with the signal chain on this. It is above my pay grade.

capti0n - 04:32

Re: "is the DAW conflicting with the audio interface?" ... I think that accurately describes the problem.

arist0ttle - 04:31

we're both macbooks

handbellguy - 04:31

Is he on a win machine

arist0ttle - 04:30

i have the scarlett 2i4 and he has the 2i2

arist0ttle - 04:30

yes, i think so? im able to run it successfully with my daw open but he is not


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