Alden - 02:42


andybrucenet - 02:38

you keep declining me...

andybrucenet - 02:38

hi alden

Alden - 02:34

Hey andy!

Alden - 02:31

sorry I got booted

andybrucenet - 02:27

shout test

andybrucenet - 02:26

anyone want to play?

rorrr - 01:49

I cant hear you can you hear me?

pablogesell - 23:22

this really function?

pablogesell - 23:22

hello, I want to make a test, someone have a guitar or can connect with me?

Reno Drums - 20:56


Alden - 20:54

OK thanks for chatting

Reno Drums - 20:54

East US too with mor latency

Alden - 20:53

Remo, my friend Watbass is on and we can hear each other OK

Reno Drums - 20:53

level meter localhost and Audio mirror (Germany) are working

Alden - 20:51

I have just started today so I don't know yet

Alden - 20:51

I just used the Audio Mirror (East US) and the sound was ok.

Reno Drums - 20:51

What about you, can other musicians hear you?

Reno Drums - 20:50

Today no, yester day I heard them either. But on Friday I could hear a bassman Andy from Braunschweig

Alden - 20:48

Reno have you been playing with musicians today and you hear them?

Reno Drums - 20:48

Don't know whether it matters: your UDP-Port2 contains (184) ??? My port contains (314), that means it contains no "8"

Reno Drums - 20:44

Alden, I don't hear anything. I see your level meter working, but that's all

Alden - 20:43

but you can't hear me? I’ll play guitar

Alden - 20:43

yes reno I can hear you fine

Reno Drums - 20:40

Alden, did you hear me

Alden - 20:40

sorry thought I was working ok...

Reno Drums - 20:37


Alden - 20:37

how about something simple like all blues by miles

Reno Drums - 20:36

Hello Alden, which tune?

Alden - 20:35

While I wait here for a friend, does anybody want to play a jazz tune?

Reno Drums - 20:12

Hello Francesco, I can see your level meter working but don't hear anything. What about you, when I'm drummin ...

francesco_cuoghi - 20:09

for Reno Drum please accept

litti - 20:07

hello again, ich sag' einfach hello again

anderson - 20:07

hello litti

Reno Drums - 20:07

So I'd like to find out whether my settings are okay. Thanks in advance

Reno Drums - 20:06

I'd like to test my settings with somebody who is online now. The reason: I tried the connection to two friends of mine yesterday. They could hear me, but I could not hear them.

Reno Drums - 20:02

Hello to you online!

jgspix - 16:38

@jazzalex: Meine Frau unterrichtet online bis ca. 19.30 Uhr. WIr können danach oder auch morgen/demnächst weitermachen.

jgspix - 16:37

@KayParis: Did you open and forward the UDP-Port 50000 on your router to the IP-address of your computer running SoundJack? Have a look at the fourth video tutorial for that.

dparsonsii - 16:30