Installation guide

  • Register on
  • Once registered log in and click on Download tab
  • Download either windows or Mac OS depending on your system. Win users will need an ASIO sound device. If not existing please download the ASIO4ALL driver as well and install it:
  • Extract and open the downloaded file.
  • Run the soundjack application by doubleclicking on the binary file (Win: soundjack.exe / OSX: - Important: A small XLR Icon in your dock will show up. This confirms the soundjack engine is running and working fine. On Windows you will see an additional DOS-type console.
  • Once the plugin is running on your machine return to the sound jack website and click the stage tab



  • Once you have successfully ran the application you will need to set your drivers/settings within the web browser. This may take some tweaking.
  • Select your current driver IN/OUT (on Windows for most it will likely be some form of ASIO driver)
  • Select a Sample Buffer (If you’re experiencing audio issues try raising the sample size to the next higher)
  • Select send channels. These should correlate to the inputs of your interface. Example inputs 1+2 would use 2 send channels. If you had a mic on in1 and a guitar on in3 you’d most likely need to select 4 channels here.
  • Lastly choose your network buffer and OPUS bit rate. The higher the OPUS bit rate the higher the quality but subsequently the more data will be transmitted which could cause issues with slowing internet connections.


Lower network buffers will lower latency but could also create issues with streaming quality. Network buffers will correspond to peers’ sample buffer. For example, if they have a higher sample buffer (512 for instance) you may not need as large of a network buffer your end (perhaps 128). The opposite would also be true if the sender is sending smaller packets (say 128) the network buffer may need to be increased. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the internet and individual hardware setups, there is no straight forward way to determine the optimal settings for everyone so you are encouraged to tweak these settings to find out what works best for your session. OPUS bit rate in short the higher the bit rate the better quality the audio. Linear is uncompressed. 96 kbps is compressed by a factor of 8, 48 kbps by a factor of 16 etc. One thing to keep in mind is that this is the quality of each individual track so the more tracks you have sending the greater the speed requirements. Example one track at 96 kbps will be sending as much information as 4 tracks at 24 kbps.


Carroll - 03:52


antoniodelrio - 08:39

hi, anybody in?

Al Hofmann - 16:23

Ty Alex, It works fine again :-)

jazzalex - 11:01

Hej Arne, are you running a session now ? I want to modify somethig, which might cause issues. Please let me know - I can wait.

kickinchickin - 09:49


kickinchickin - 09:47

get external ip and port

JamTuner - 08:36


kickinchickin - 08:35


JamTuner - 08:35

yeah all is good for you to connect - but your setup is somehow missing monitoring properly

kickinchickin - 08:34

ok let me try something

JamTuner - 08:33

you'll have to check all your settings for mic and monitoring

kickinchickin - 08:33

everything is green

JamTuner - 08:32

audio settings on theleft

kickinchickin - 08:32

i see the meter move when i drum but nothin on my vocals

JamTuner - 08:32

i can hear drums - no voc

kickinchickin - 08:31

i cant hear you

JamTuner - 08:30

can you hear me ?

JamTuner - 08:30

I can hear your drums

kickinchickin - 08:20

how do i set up my audio

kickinchickin - 08:19

no sound

JamTuner - 08:05


JamTuner - 08:05


jazzalex - 12:24

Klar - kleinen Moment

jazzalex - 12:24

I can hear you already

jazzalex - 12:23

One second please

frankkcl - 12:23

we are using the focusrite for mic but the built-in for headphones

jazzalex - 12:23

Hi !

jazzalex - 08:49

I just uploaded a new Win version, where the bug should be fixed now. Please check. Note: You will not be forced to update because I did not associate it with a new version yet.

jazzalex - 17:18

Hi Achim !

jazzalex - 15:05

Choose expert settings please

jazzalex - 15:02

Connected fine !

jazzalex - 15:02

Here we go :-)

jazzalex - 15:01

If the settings are fine your userlist entry will turn green.

jazzalex - 15:01

Left side, third line is the soundinterface input / 4th line is the output. Please check what you can choose optinally.

jazzalex - 15:00

Looks good except your soundcard setting (in and output).

GeorgeWaddell - 15:00


jazzalex - 14:59

Hi George !

jazzalex - 07:45

The Windows sound issue is obvious - could reproduce it now. Have focus on it.

JamTuner - 03:29

miktek audio

jazzalex - 16:00

Ging es denn vorher ? Schickst Du mir freundlicherweise Screenshots oder noch besser ein Screenvideo ? Welches OS / welcher Treiber ?

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