Installation guide

  • Register on
  • Once registered log in and click on Download tab
  • Download either windows or Mac OS depending on your system (Win users will need an ASIO sound device. If not existing please download the ASIO4ALL driver as well and install it:
  • Extract and open the downloaded file.
  • Run the soundjack application by doubleclicking on the binary file (Win: soundjack.exe / OSX: - Important: A small XLR Icon in your dock will show up. This confirms the soundjack engine is running and working fine. On Windows you will see an additional DOS-type console.
  • Once the plugin is running on your machine return to the sound jack website and click the stage tab



  • Once you have successfully ran the application you will need to set your drivers/settings within the web browser. This may take some tweaking.
  • Select your current driver IN/OUT (on Windows for most it will likely be some form of ASIO driver)
  • Select a Sample Buffer (If you’re experiencing audio issues try raising the sample size to the next higher)
  • Select send channels. These should correlate to the inputs of your interface. Example inputs 1+2 would use 2 send channels. If you had a mic on in1 and a guitar on in3 you’d most likely need to select 4 channels here.
  • Lastly choose your network buffer and OPUS bit rate. The higher the OPUS bit rate the higher the quality but subsequently the more data will be transmitted which could cause issues with slowing internet connections.


Lower network buffers will lower latency but could also create issues with streaming quality. Network buffers will correspond to peers’ sample buffer. For example, if they have a higher sample buffer (512 for instance) you may not need as large of a network buffer your end (perhaps 128). The opposite would also be true if the sender is sending smaller packets (say 128) the network buffer may need to be increased. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the internet and individual hardware setups, there is no straight forward way to determine the optimal settings for everyone so you are encouraged to tweak these settings to find out what works best for your session. OPUS bit rate in short the higher the bit rate the better quality the audio. Linear is uncompressed. 96 kbps is compressed by a factor of 8, 48 kbps by a factor of 16 etc. One thing to keep in mind is that this is the quality of each individual track so the more tracks you have sending the greater the speed requirements. Example one track at 96 kbps will be sending as much information as 4 tracks at 24 kbps.


jazzalex - 12:41

johncarter, please log on again - for system maintainance I had to log you off.

jazzalex - 21:56

Found a new solution for "logged in twice" problem: You can now enter the site twice on two machines with the same username but you cannot enter the stage anymore. Please verify. Thanks !

JamTuner - 06:46

bogdanbat96 - while we wait for vst support - I and others use Reaper DAW with "rearoute" capability to use VST's . Contact me : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info

jazzalex - 20:41

Not yet but VST support will be implemented in the future so it's basically a good idea !

bogdanbat96 - 15:39

hey guys does this software support amp sims, at least trough vst plugins or somehow

jazzalex - 07:03

Machine load depends on various (mostly machine and soundcard related) aspects.

jazzalex - 03:55

Yes, linear is uncompressed.

johncarter - 20:40

Codec - LINEAR is uncompressed ?

johncarter - 20:36

this is great software. really CPU heavy though.. it makes my screen sharing software ( any desk ) lag

jazzalex - 18:21

Up to 8 channels is possible. 16 or even 32 to come in the future.

johncarter2 - 17:17

Ok I found, sendchannels - 2 :D

johncarter2 - 17:17

soundjack is only mono ?

Carroll - 07:03


Carroll - 06:59


JamTuner - 06:58

hold on i'll restart

JamTuner - 06:55


lula moreno - 13:27

depois falamos

lula moreno - 13:27

tenho q sair

JamTuner - 02:53

hello mike ?

Musicmann - 02:52

Hey Arne!! same from UP her eh!

JamTuner - 02:18

hey Mike happy mom's day :) USA

JamTuner - 01:16

Thank you !

jazzalex - 13:01

Should be fixed now: Session duration is reduced to 1 minute (was set to 15 minutes). Now you should be fine after a waiting time of 1 minute.

jazzalex - 12:36

Yes, that is correct. I will check this asap.

SuperEvilDave - 17:18

Logging in is becoming problematic as once you close the browser and try to log back on it errors and informs you that multiple logins are not allowed

JamTuner - 02:27

okay now alex - thanks for your concern !

stringer - 00:43


jazzalex - 09:40

Also I have deleted the "secret key" field in the login process.

soulalex - 09:35

Multiple logins with the same username on different machines are disabled now.

jazzalex - 07:53

Can we do a Teamviewer session ?

JamTuner - 05:29

just not connecting properly - tried everything I can think of

JamTuner - 05:28

sj DOES "see" my soundcard(s) - but not the one in use ( reaper) - plugin status = xxxx

JamTuner - 05:26

I'm not sure that I described the problem correctly.

jazzalex - 13:51

... and it still does not recognize your card ?

JamTuner - 10:53

yes I did restart all

jazzalex - 08:55

alicebp: Please turn off your DMZ and anything you did on your router. Also reboot app + website.

jazzalex - 08:46

Arne, did you restart both (app + website) ?

JamTuner - 05:56

alex - sj not recognizing my interface correctly . Tried a few things. Same on FF and Chrome

stringer - 00:45

Another guy I brought in named Powachord was having plugin issues last night too.

stringer - 00:44

Hi Alex... Glad Trashcanhead found you!

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