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JamTuner - 04:20

welcome ondras

Zupfhansel - 17:43


Sundari LS - 12:08

networkbuffer auf 512, sonst wurde es zu geräuschlastig

Sundari LS - 12:07

Heute haben wir unsere erste Session geschafft... mit der Verzögerung lässt sich arbeiten (bei mir hört s sich ein wenig wie Chorus auf der Stimme an). Samplebuffer war bei beiden auf 256 und Networkb

ifree - 06:30

thanks for reply, we will try connection afternoon again. If I hit my user list entry or localhost or audio mirror, connection is succesful.

jazzalex - 20:57

Looks like port 50000 is blocked or some other kind of firewall is enabled.

ifree - 16:07

i see only trying.. cannot connect with my friend

jazzalex - 15:30

Now you have to hit the play button at the end of hin user list entry.

ifree - 15:30

I see him!! thanks, alex

jazzalex - 15:28

If you are online at the same time you will see him on stage right here, correct.

ifree - 15:27

I would like to connect with my guitarist about today, If he install and connect, I will see him on stage?

jazzalex - 15:25

Did you get a chance connecting with anyone ?

jazzalex - 15:25

OK - all fine so far.

jazzalex - 15:21

Hi ifree - hold on a sec ... I need to check something.

JamTuner - 03:49

i'm here now

JamTuner - 03:22

afk for a few minutes @ 8:30 pm PT

CHRIS V - 14:23

Hi Alex, thank you. Just checking.

jazzalex - 14:21

Chris V: This message is normal and actually a good sign.

holgerdeuter - 12:51

that´s too massive, can you reduce the gain?

CHRIS V - 19:32

Alex, in my ommand window I keep seeing this_Message Received: type: get externalIPand port:

frankkcl - 11:07

its on the downloads page

frankkcl - 11:07

you may need to install the asio4all

navdeep.uniyal - 11:00

cannot hear audio with the windows machine

jazzalex - 06:30

The OSX Mojave audio and video issue is identified. Please check the PROBLEMS tab.

Musicmann - 03:20

i hear you right side

Musicmann - 03:18


JamTuner - 03:18

no - do you hear me ?

Musicmann - 03:17

can you hear me?

angelo - 01:35

am i up on ur mix

angelo - 01:34

yes in the middle

angelo - 01:34

im talking

angelo - 01:34

i hear u on left

JamTuner - 01:33

ang - can't hear u

stringer - 20:12

Hi Alex... Thanks for the guess regarding XP. May still give it a try and will let you know if it actually works.

jazzalex - 09:51

On some OSX releases the devices are not accepted without error messages. The simple result is no sound. In this case run Soundjack from the terminal: ./

jazzalex - 09:38

Gern - um den Rest kümmern wir uns später.

Migawave - 09:29

Danke ALEX!

Migawave - 09:29

(aber immerhin kam etwas ;-)

Migawave - 09:28

ich hab gerade mit Peetmann mich connected, aber der bass hat sich ziemlich metallisch angehört. Da kam eigentlich nur ein Störgeräusch an

jazzalex - 09:28

OK, gehe jetzt off - im Bedarfsfalle gern ne Mail schreiben (siehe Home-Seite).

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