Soundjack is a realtime communication system providing any quality- and latency- relevant parameter to the user.

Depending on the physical distance, network capacities, the actual network conditions and the actual routing even musical interacton or at least compromised musical interaction is possible.

Soundjack is a member of the fast research project (fast actuators, sensors and transceivers)

If you want to participate in the Soundjack community please check the HOTWO tab on this website. If you have further questions feel free to contact the author Prof. Carôt (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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Rockin Roger - 22:36

jamkazam - ok

Rockin Roger - 22:35

i have green on all areas

stringer - 22:35

prob may be me... meet me in JKazam

stringer - 22:31

nope lol

stringer - 22:31


Rockin Roger - 22:30


stringer - 22:30

Cali... not the issue tho

Rockin Roger - 22:27

where are you at? I'm in Texas

stringer - 22:27


stringer - 22:26

prob may be me... im not metering lol

stringer - 22:26


Rockin Roger - 22:26


Rockin Roger - 22:26

meter is moving when i talk

stringer - 22:26

ok... the meter moves on the website?

Rockin Roger - 22:25

i adjusted the green knob under the meter, have sound now...

stringer - 22:25

is it moving when u talk/play

stringer - 22:24

the meter

stringer - 22:24

is your sound metering in Soundjack

Rockin Roger - 22:24

I'm back no sound

stringer - 22:24

prob might be me

stringer - 22:20


Rockin Roger - 22:20

sounds good, appreciate your help...

stringer - 22:20

try closing the broser and sj completely (and the extra app) then start the app first then beboot soundjack in broser and come to stage... ill do same

stringer - 22:18


Rockin Roger - 22:18

Yes I did download the mac os version...or else i wouldn't be here now

stringer - 22:17

says mac os version

stringer - 22:16

yes... under download tab

stringer - 22:16

always start extra app first... then bring up Soundjack in browser and go to stage

Rockin Roger - 22:15

extra app?

stringer - 22:14

and are you running the extra app... should be cause youre showing green

Rockin Roger - 22:14

set 2

stringer - 22:13

try 2

stringer - 22:13

next box w star set to codec OPUS 96 kps

Rockin Roger - 22:13

does that matter?

Rockin Roger - 22:12

i have a 4 port interface

stringer - 22:12

next box 'ip' set to 256 network buffer

Rockin Roger - 22:12

set buffer 256

stringer - 22:12

set sendchannels to 2 on 1/4 jack symbol

stringer - 22:11

set sample buffer to 256 in next box with music note

Rockin Roger - 22:11

i can hear myself now

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