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6saxman49 - 18:04

Still no go Denmuse

6saxman49 - 18:04

Still no go Denmuse

Denmuse - 17:42

Hello Ron...what the truck bro!!!

6saxman49 - 17:32

counting down to no audio again

6saxman49 - 17:31

do not hear Denmuse

6saxman49 - 17:30

counting down to no audio again

6saxman49 - 17:27

Out of luc with Denmuse

6saxman49 - 17:27

No go Rick

Ray Smith - 05:37

Sean, go to advanced settings, then built in microphone, then built in output

seanrmangan - 05:34

Shd I be doing something?

seanrmangan - 05:31

Invalid audio setup

JamTuner - 05:31

i'm going to restart the app

JamTuner - 05:30

Ray - click on the green arrow to the fsrright of my login

seanrmangan - 05:30

How do I start the plugin?

JamTuner - 05:29

procedure is : quit webpage. start plugin . open "stage"

seanrmangan - 05:29

Me or Ray?

JamTuner - 05:28

did you start the plugin first ?

seanrmangan - 05:27

I'm there.

Ray Smith - 05:26

Hey Sean, go to the Stage link.

JamTuner - 05:25

hi Ray

Ray Smith - 05:25

Hi I'm in Adelaide.

seanrmangan - 05:25

Hi JamTuner. Sean in Australia here. Just groping around your system - talking to Ray Smith.

JamTuner - 02:39

hi aerosanangel - I'm in Pleasanton CA :)

Tommy231 - 06:10


Carroll - 07:12

User JamTuner currently has an invalid audio setup - connection not possible

JamTuner - 07:09

click me

jazzalex - 05:51

@Pascal: Performance was great - Video to come soon. Now available for debugging. Can you send me a screenshot of the current problem first ?

Pascal - 17:21

I hear you Ron but no sound from me

jazzalex - 19:48

Müsste etwas später sein wegen der Kids - 21h z.B. - vorher schicke mir mal Bitte einen Screenshot von der Ausgangslage via Mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Danke !

Ingo - 14:35

Wie sieht es am Donnerstag, gegen 20 Uhr aus?

jazzalex - 08:55

Können wir gern mal online ausprobieren - da wird sich sicher klären, woran es hakt. Wann passt es Euch ?

Carroll - 07:25

I stopped by

Ingo - 19:59

Hallo Alex, leider kann ich keine Verbinding zu meinem Partner aufbauen. Woran kann das liegen?

Nawid - 19:59

Hi Alex, bei uns gibts das gleiche Problem: Der Countdown läuft, aber es gibt kein Connection

JamTuner - 04:45

brb Mike N

Pascal - 20:53

Ok Alex. Have a good performance tomorrow.

6saxman49 - 18:16

Hi Denmuse - counted down but still nothings

jazzalex - 17:41

Hej Pascal - sorry, I am superbusy right now because of an official performance tomorrow. I will have time to investigate from Friday on, ok ?

6saxman49 - 17:40

Thanks JamTuner

Pascal - 17:39

Hello Alex,Denmuse can't connect. everything is green. but noway to connect. localhost connection neither works.

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