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JamTuner - 03:37

oops - cable came loose brb

JamTuner - 02:12


JamTuner - 01:31

away for 30 min -6:30 pm pst

6saxman49 - 18:34

Jolene still napping - Hope to join in awhile

Carroll - 05:41


JamTuner - 05:39

jaames ?

f.sardis - 09:40

just messing with the mic

f.sardis - 09:40

i do hear you

f.sardis - 09:29

sure. no worries.

soulalex - 09:29

Weired - forwarding is not trivial with the wired connection - need a bit more time.

soulalex - 09:27

Sorry, not done yet ...

f.sardis - 09:16

ok i have managed to track down part of the problem. unfortunately i cannot do anything about it. the phone we use for the 4G applies nat

soulalex - 09:15

Will install port forwarding - hold on a sec.

soulalex - 20:25

I am logging off now, guys - if you still have issues simply drop me an email.

soulalex - 20:24

ImmosNight: Yes

soulalex - 20:24

Sponde: Not necessarily - NAT can be different from vendor to vendor.

InmostNight - 20:23

if i enable 50000 udp monigodi would be able to connect me?

Sponde - 20:22

soulalex - oh! ... I'll look into that. Interaction with inmostNight worked ok (both heard sounds fine) ... that probably means they do have forwarding working then ..(?)

soulalex - 20:19

Enabled will show 114

soulalex - 20:19

Sponde: No, you don't have it enabled (see 184 in brackets if you hover over the i-Symbol)

dbini - 20:19

i'm going to have to fix this another time. thanks folks, have a nice evening. bye...

soulalex - 20:18

But even if your router does not support port forwarding: It is sufficient if only one partner has enabled it - so if Sponde does it you should be fine.

Sponde - 20:17

soulalex/and others - I think I have portforwarding setup (but I didn't double check router tonight)

soulalex - 20:17

Can you send me a screenshot of your router settings (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) ?

dbini - 20:16

hi Alex - i've been through the settings on the router and its not possible

soulalex - 20:16

He has to forward to port 50000 (UDP)

soulalex - 20:16

dbini: It is not related to your ISP - it is related to your router.

soulalex - 20:15

It depends on what NAT other players have.

InmostNight - 20:15

what port monigodi has to forward?

InmostNight - 20:14

i have 384 port too but can play and hear other players

dbini - 20:14

problem is with my ISP. it doesn't support port forwarding

soulalex - 20:13

monigodi has a 388 and Sponde a 184-NAT - this is currently not supported without port forwarding.

soulalex - 20:12

Sponde or monigodi: One of you has to enable portforwarding.

Sponde - 20:11

dbini - it only 'tries' ... :(

dbini - 20:10

must be me

dbini - 20:10

yeah. trying and failing here as well

Sponde - 20:10

dbini - trying now

dbini - 20:09

does anything happen when you click my triangle?

Sponde - 20:08

dbini - I have port forwarding ... but some messages on here suggest it is not needed ..

InmostNight - 20:07


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