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Carroll - 04:52

what about now?

Carroll - 04:50


stringer - 04:33


stringer - 04:32

give it a try... ill hang on

Carroll - 04:32


stringer - 04:31

dated today

stringer - 04:31

theres a new download

Carroll - 04:31


stringer - 04:30

somethings not working

stringer - 04:29

not sure what the prob is... u did the new download?

jazzalex - 12:33

Please check the videos in the media-tab. That will help I think !

jazzalex - 12:29

Sure you can :-) Just fixed the link - thanks for letting me know !

Ottilie - 10:32

The link to ASIO4ALL in the HOWTO does not work. The adress is now i found

Ottilie - 10:23

Need to learn all this totally new. I hope i can bother you with stupid questions.

Ottilie - 10:22


jazzalex - 09:39

Furthermore, stage-entries without up2date SJC are not permitted anymore.

jazzalex - 09:39

New version online: SJ now detects your interface IP and allows LAN-connections without manual configuration.

jazzalex - 10:46


jazzalex - 10:45


jazzalex - 10:45


stringer - 02:56


stringer - 01:27

in short... you need a sound card or usb/firewire audio box that supports asio (look it up) because your computers built-in factory audio works a different way that's not compatible w/ online jamming.

stringer - 01:05

Hi Noah... If your asio setup doesn't show in the input/output selector (the arrow going in/out of a bracket) it means that your asio audio system isn't properly configured.

noahthrall - 20:35

I'm also not able to select any input or output below where it says "beginner settings"

noahthrall - 20:33

on the "stage" webpage, my top and bottom "i" icons are yellow and just say "plugin working: NO". It says I have an invalid audio setup. Help! First time using this.

stringer - 19:56

PS - you've got my email and I'm always available for feedback on features, testing, etc.

stringer - 19:55

Hi Alex... private connections would be great. Thanks again for all your work on SJ!

jazzalex - 08:13

LAN-Connection without knowing and manually typing the IP (just like SJ1 private mode) possible soon - update asap.

angelo - 23:17


JamTuner - 01:12

welcome Isara :)

Musicmann - 01:26


JamTuner - 01:26

be right back SJ sees me logged in twice

JamTuner - 02:21

be back in 20 min ( 7:20 pm pacific)

Loretta Siegrist - 00:36 any body out there?

JamTuner - 04:19


JamTuner - 04:17

now you are on my left side headphone

ltljake - 04:17

tried changing recieve

ltljake - 04:17

I cant

JamTuner - 04:16

hello you can't hear me it seems - nice playing !

JamTuner - 04:14

hello - I'm in Pleasanton :)

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